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Source codes and Software: Free download
C/C++ programs: (Tested with turbo C++ version 3.0)

1. PC to PC chat:
           Direct cable connection program using serial port RS232.Example program for accessing the serial port through C. Just you need is a three-wire connection between two computers.
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2. FlagShow using C:  
           Program written in turbo-C compiler (V 3.0), displays flags of more than 35 nations. Graphics demonstration using "graphics.h ".

3. Linked list program in C:
           Program for linear linked list with options to create, display, edit, store  in a   file, open from file, reverse, 'visual' sort etc.    

4. Bar graph and pie-chart:
           Program using turbo-C graphics that displays bar graph and pie-chart by taking values by the user. Auto-scaling and titles by the user are powerful features.
(rated 8.0/10 by 34 visitors in codearchive.com)

5. Shuffle game in C
           A simple sorting game using turbo C graphics.

6. Simple graphics effects
           Programs using turbo C  graphics to display simple graphics effects. Contains 3 simple programs.

7. Intersection, union & bubble sorting
           Array related simple C programs like intersection, union, sorting.  

Visual Basic Programs: (Tested with VB6.0)

1. Simple program to to explain button operations.
           Program explains changing the caption of buttons through program.

Visual C++ Programs: (Tested with VS6.0)

1. Shuffle game (Full project file) read related article

           You have to arrange 1 to 15 numbers in the order, click empty button to move it.
(Download exe only)

2. Parallel Port tester
            Displays the contents each pin of the of parallel port.

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